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Dental implants

Dental implants are bio-compatible screws made of titanium that are placed in the jawbone to replace the roots of one or several missing teeth. Subsequently, we can then connect a crown to replace a tooth, a bridge to replace several teeth or a denture to replace all the missing teeth.


Improved appearance since the implants replace the roots, there are no visible clasps or metal in the mouth.

Improving mastication (chewing), as the implants are in the bone, we can connect crowns, bridges or dentures to reach the highest similarity to real teeth. You can then eat a good steak or bite in carrots.

Improved comfort, the fixed prosthesis will not move since it is fixed to implants.

Preservation of the integrity of the adjacent teeth since there is no need to reduce any tooth structure as for bridges.


Dental implants have a high success rate of 95%. The long-term success entirely depends on your dental hygiene as well as proper planning by your dentist.

At the VIP dental clinic, we use Simplant surgical guides for unmatched precision. When a bone graft is needed, you will be in good hands with the most advanced techniques worldwide. In fact, we are the first dental clinic in Québec with the Sonic Weld technology for bone grafts.

With or without bone graft

We always try to place dental implants without having to perform a bone graft. However, without adequate bone support, dental implants can fail in the short or long term. Always placing dental implants without a bone graft will inevitably lead to complications in the future. Statistics show that in 50% of the cases the bone is insufficient to obtain an ideal position and angulation of the implant.

With the Sonic Weld Technology, we gently graft for implants that will last, therefore we do not need to do an invasive surgery such as the removal of bone from your jaw or hip.


Recovery time depends mainly on the complexity of the surgery. In general, when a bone graft is not required, you are able to get back to work on the same day.


Since treatments are planned and executed from beginning to end by Dr. Michael Vo, we are able to provide a 5 year warranty.* Even better, the bars supporting the dentures on implants are guaranteed for 25 years.

*Some conditions apply

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