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Dr Michael Vo

Dr Michael Vo, dentist

Graduated from the University of Montreal in 2001, Dr. Michael Vo worked from East to West in Canada. He practiced in Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta and Quebec. Passionate about dentistry, Dr. Michael Vo continues to perfect his skills year after year.

He travels the world to always be on the lookout for new technological advances in dentistry . In 2011, he trained with Dr. Michael Pikos, a leading maxillofacial oral surgeon in the United States. In 2012, he attended Dr. Marco Rhonda Italy who developped a novel technique for advanced bone grafting. In 2013 , he took three courses with Marius Steigmann in Germany, the inventor of the “Steipod” bone grafting technique.

The focuses of Dr. Michael Vo’s dental practice are dental implants, orthodontics and smile makeover. He has mastered all facets of dentistry and therefore will be able to follow you from the beginning to the end of your treatment. He is even one of the few dentists in Canada equipped with the Sonic Weld technology for smooth bone grafts. His passion for dental implants has led him to give lectures for Zimmers Dental. He also has a mentoring program for dentists.


Régénération osseuses avec Dr. Hom-Lay Wang - États-Unis
Réhabilitation complète avec Phelan Dental Seminars
Advanced Dental Education Institute
Réhabilitation complète Las Vegas Institute
Greffes osseuses avancées Pikos Implant Institute - États-Unis
SĂ©dation consciente Sedation Dentistry
Facettes Lumineers Dent Mat - États-Unis
Régénération osseuse Steigmann Implant Institute - Allemagne
Orthodontie Institut Dentaire International
Implantologie Institut Canadien d’Implantologie
Orthodontie Force Int Orthodontics - États-Unis
Régénération osseuse Global Institute for Dental Education - États-Unis
Orthodontie Invisalign Training (États-Unis)
Orthodontie Canadian Straight Wire Orthodontics - Alberta
Endodontie Advanced Endodontics Clifford Ruddle


Ordre des Dentistes du Québec
Association dentaire du Québec
Academy of General Dentistry
International Congress of Implantology

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