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Teeth whitening

To have white teeth!

How it works?

  • We start with a consultation, including a dental exam, to ensure eligibility for teeth whitening.

  • We generally recommend cleaning before bleaching to remove any plaque, tartar or surface stains to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

  • An impression of the teeth is taken using dental paste to allow us to make custom trays that fit your teeth perfectly!

  • Once the trays are ready, a quick appointment is given to make sure they fit well and to go over whitening instructions.

  • Before whitening, be sure to brush and floss thoroughly before applying the product.

  • Happy bleaching!

Whitening Instructions

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Why choose us?

We love giving our patients healthy, bright and confident smiles! Our teeth whitening services aim to restore confidence in your smile that may have been lost due to staining.
The members of the VIP Dental Clinic team are always happy to answer all your questions about teeth whitening.
If you find yourself hiding your teeth while smiling, talking, laughing or even in photos, then professional teeth whitening may be the solution for you!


Occasional whitening side effects:

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The short answer is yes! Professional bleaching offers safer and longer lasting results. Store-bought whiteners often contain too weak or too strong a bleach that could damage teeth or cause chemical burns. Professional whitening allows you to whiten in a safe and controlled environment where we know the exact concentration of the whitening products we provide.

Custom professional aligners also fit better, they are handcrafted in the office, which makes them much more comfortable. These gutters are not "one size fits all" like commercial products, they cover all the teeth evenly and are therefore more effective; no place is forgotten!

These professional gutters are at your disposal, this allows you to make touch-ups at home and at your convenience. Additional whitening products can be purchased at our clinic at very affordable prices.

Is there a difference between store-bought whitening kits and professional whitening kits?

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