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Meet our dentists

who will take care of you with gentleness and sincerity

Dr. Christine Tran

My priority is to provide exceptional service to my patients. Every year, we invest in the latest cutting-edge technologies for our patients. We are also innovating with iPads, the patient chair with massage, a real massage chair at the reception, etc.
The treatments are carried out with the greatest gentleness because I too am a patient a few times a year. We care about the health and well-being of our patients. This is why I give a lot of explanations to patients so that they make the best choices for their dental health. 


After work I like to spend time with my children. Seeing them grow and flourish is my pride.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

On weekends, I dive into French literature and biographies.


Graduated from McGill University in 2001.


I worked in Canada from East to West for 10 years before becoming the owner of Clinique Dentaire VIP.

Dr Michael Vo

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In the summer, I enjoy the outdoors with the children. Between cycling and wakeboarding, we enjoy nature. In winter, we spend it between snowboarding and skating.


Graduated from the University of Montreal in 2001.

Philosophy as practi

Since my graduation in 2001, I traveled the world to learn the best and most innovative dentists who knew perfecting their craft.

I try to be at the forefront of technology with digital dentistry.


Graduated 20 years ago, our dentists use their knowledge acquired across the world for our patients benefits



Training with

  • Dr Marco Rhonda in Italie

  • Dr Istvan Urban in Hungary

  • Dr Ignaki Gamborena in Spain

  • Dr Marius Steigmann in Germany

  • Dr Sacha Jovanovic in the United States

  • Dr Richard A. Litt in the United States

  • Dr Michael Pikos in the United States

  • Dr John Chao in the United States

  • Dr Yvan Poitras in Montmagny

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