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The dentists at Clinique Dentaire VIP use state-of-the-art technologies to improve your oral health.



CEREC makes it possible to manufacture ceramic crowns and fillings in one appointment. Ceramic is a more resistant material than composite fillings. It greatly reduces the risk of dental fractures. 


The Velscope is a fluorescent light lamp that allows the detection of oral cancers. Normal tissues will reflect fluorescent light while abnormal tissues will absorb it. Thus, your dentist will be able to detect any abnormal areas within a minute. This technology does not emit radiation or infrared waves.


3D printer


The 3D printer can print surgical guides, diagnostic waxes, occlusive plates, dental models, temporary crowns, etc. It allows precision and pushes the limits of modern dentistry.


The DSD App is a smile simulation software that allows you to plan smile transformations. We call it reverse planning because it allows you to simulate the end result before you even start. It thus allows the dentist to plan the treatments necessary to obtain the desired result.




The CariVu is an infrared lamp that can detect caries by transillumination. The light is reflected in the enamel of the tooth. When there is a cavity, the enamel crystals are broken and do not allow the passage of light, thus creating a dark zone which corresponds to the cavity.

The action piezo creates ultrasonic vibrations that allow conservative surgeries to be performed without damaging the arteries. 

Piezo Acteon.jpg

Piezo Acteon

Romexis Smile Design


Romexis Smile Design is also a smile simulation software. It allows to create smiles with ideal proportions.

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