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Root canal treatment

What is root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment consists of emptying the inside of the tooth, removing at the same time the pulp or the nerve, cleaning this empty space and filling it. It's like a filling, but deeper. The tooth can then be compared to an empty, clean Easter egg.

Root canal treatment is required

When the pulp is infected, decayed, dead or damaged.


  • When there is an infection, root canal treatment helps eliminate the cause of the infection. Antibiotics control the infection but do not eliminate the cause of the infection.

  • When the decay reaches the nerve, the bacteria contaminate the nerve and the nerve eventually becomes infected.

  • When the pulp is dead, the infection will eventually spread outside the tooth.

  • When the tooth is damaged, the trauma can restrict the flow of 

Dr. Michael Vo

21 years of experience

Training complete all around the world

  • Dr. Marco Rhonda in Italy

  • Dr Istvan Urban in Hungary

  • Dr Ignaki Gamborena in Spain

  • Dr. Marius Steigmann in Germany

  • Dr. Sacha Jovanovic in the United States

  • Dr. Richard A. Litt in the United States

  • Dr. Michael Pikos in the United States

  • Dr. John Chao in the United States

  • Dr Yvan Poitras in Montmagny

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Root canal treatment begins with the cleaning of the canal or canals, which are in fact the space where the pulp is located.


Then, disinfection completes the cleaning of the root canal treatment.



Root canal treatment is completed by sealing the canals with gutta percha, a rubber material that will prevent bacteria from returning to the canals.


Following the root canal treatment, a composite restoration (white filling) is required to reconstruct the tooth and seal it.



A crown is recommended in the short or medium term to reduce the risk of vertical fractures of the tooth.

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