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New patients

Complete dental examination and cleaning

For new patients who do not have a record at the VIP Dental Clinic, we will email you a medical questionnaire to fill out and return to us by email or bring with you to your appointment.

During your first appointment, the dentist will review your medical questionnaire with you. We will note the list of your medications as well as any medical condition that may require special attention in our treatments or when we have to prescribe medication in the future.

Digital x-rays will be taken to diagnose cavities, bone level, lesions and tumors. Contrary to popular belief, diagnosing cavities is only a small part of the examination since we also assess the gum (its position and quality), the level of bone that supports the teeth (we believe that the foundation is essential to support them in through the years) and the presence of abnormal lesion. At the VIP Dental Clinic, we attach great importance to the early detection of oral cancer with our fluorescent light technology, our panoramic x-rays, our 3D x-rays as well as the extra-oral examination.  This emphasis has enabled us to detect several mild and malignant cases in the past 20 years.

Dental cleaning will consist of scaling with our ultrasonic devices (please let us know if you prefer the manual technique only), manual scaling with curettes, polishing and fluoride application (please let us know if you prefer not to receive fluoride ).

If necessary, a review of techniques for maintaining oral health will be provided.

Complete dental examination and cleaning

Patients for emergency appointments can be seen the same day. Charges apply for the consultation as well as the x-ray (s). The various tests such as percussion, cold, vitality and gum evaluation are included in the consultation. Photos and verification with Velscope or Carivu are also included. Please note that the emergency review is not a comprehensive review but rather a review that identifies a particular problem. In most cases, it will be more beneficial to proceed with a thorough examination and cleaning.


As a courtesy, the VIP Dental Clinic does not charge fees for emergency consultations to patients who have been seen in the last 12 months for a regular dental examination and cleaning.

Invisalign consultation

Consultations for Invisalign are free of charge. The dentist will assess your orthodontic needs and assess whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign treatments. Please note that dental cleaning will be required if there is tartar present. In addition, cavities must be repaired before starting Invisalign treatments. 

Dental Implants Consultation

Consultations for dental implants are free. The dentist will assess the general health of your teeth so that you can approximate the cost of treating other teeth before you even consider the cost of implants. Subsequently, he will assess the need for transplants or not. With his trainings in the United States, Germany, Italy, Hungary and Spain, Dr Michael Vo will be able to rebuild the much needed foundation for implants that will last for years to come.

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