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Dental veneers

Do you want to improve the aesthetics of your smile?

A veneer

If your smile bothers you or if you want to have a Hollywood smile, dental veneers can help you. Dental veneers are like porcelain or composite contact lenses that are bonded to the surface of the teeth. They make it possible to modify the shape and color of the teeth. These custom-made shells can give you back a bright and natural smile.

What veneers correct

Dental veneers allow you to:

  • Close gaps between teeth

  • Lengthen teeth that are too short

  • Yellow or brown teeth

  • Correct stains caused by tetracycline

  • Align crooked teeth

Veneers performed by Dr Michael Vo

Séquence de Rendez-vous

1st meeting

  • Consultation

  • Discussion of changes and desired end result

  • Taking pictures

  • 3D optical impression

In laboratory

  • Simulation of the final result in 2D and 3D

2nd date

  • Preparing the teeth to receive the veneers

  • Optical impression of teeth

  • Choice of color

  • Test drive teeth with acrylic veneers to assess veneer shape

3rd date

  • Installation of final veneers

Why choose the VIP dental clinic

  • 20 years of experience in dental aesthetics

  • State-of-the-art technologies

  • While most dentists work with a particular scanner, we work with 3 different scanners from CEREC, 3Shape and E4D to bring the best to our patients.

  • Before starting, we perform 2D and 3D simulations of your smile with Digital Smile Design

  • We don't just make veneers or crowns, we also incorporate grafts, gum modifications, orthodontics or even implants to achieve the maximum result with the minimum treatment.

  • While many dentists swear by crowns or veneers, we often prefer to combine the 2 techniques to use the most conservative technique.

  • Our dentists have undergone advanced training in the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain and Hungary.


Before after

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